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Our Platform

We want people in as many countries as possible to discover and participate in amazing things to do with friends and family but, most importantly, locally.

Because WOTADOO is online it is available anywhere.  WOTADOO is free for users to browse through the listings that organizers of events and providers of services have placed on our platform.  WOTADOO also offers simple, secure and reliable booking facilities to or friends and followers who wish to book any of these activities, events or servcies.

Yes, the name WOTDOO is a pun on the phrase What To Do!!??

Our Mission

WOTADOO started with the goal of making it easy to find what to do when we were on holidays with our family.  Our product supports registering local activities, events and services and allows potential users of those services to find, book, review and participate an share in amazing local activities.

Behind every product decision is our desire to let people connect and discover amazing local experiences and to hopefully never What To Do again because WOTADOO will be the go to app for finding What-To-Do from anywhere in the world.

Our Team

WOTADOO was founded by William Donnelly and Mark Prenderville who had previously spent almost 20 years with the technical and retail sectors.

William and Mark will soon be launching an Android app with a laser focus for all people to find exciting and amazing local events and activities reliably and from anywhere in the world.

If you have an event or an activity, event or service and would like to have it listed on the WOTADOO platform, you can